Top 10 Best Online Shopping Sites In India

Today, the e-commerce is one of the most popular industry in India. Therefore, many e-commerce websites have appeared with simple and attractive design as well as the information of various products, which go along with flexible payment form and fast delivery. Eventhough, you can get free shipping with preferential policies in promotions from the suppliers.

Understanding your necessity and interests at online shopping, we have explored, filtered and reviewed the best online shopping sites in India today to help you find expected products.

As the e-commerce infrastructure has been improved, there are more and more online shopping users with tens of million accounts. It is obvious that the Indian market today also exists many websites with huge access. The most popular online products are electronics, fashion, household items.

The following is the list of the top e-commerce sites that have the biggest accesses in India. If we’ve missed any important updated websites, please leave a comment below to help us improve perfectly.

List of online shopping sites in india

These are e-commerce websites, which occupy the majority accesses every day. Thus, to find a reliable online shopping site, you should refer to the information from these sites. is the most visited online shopping site in India, with more than 300 millions monthly. It is considered as the most popular e-commerce site today with enormous visitors. With almost items on the market, has rapidly become the online shopping network that covers the Indian market with fast and convenient delivery. Here, you can find a wide variety of products such as electronics, home appliances, fashion, cosmetics, children’s toys, sports equipments, ect.

This is a multiple e-commerce site, if you are looking for suitable products on the online shopping website; is one of the best choices. is an e-commerce site that recently has had the huge access and been the major competitor of Amazon in India. However, it is still behind Amazon. The most popular and seached products on online shopping sites are electronics, cameras, televisions, laptops, phones, information clocks, scooters, etc.

Currently, Flipkart contributes to 77% of shares in the big American company, which is Walmart. Flipkart will early have notable changes on business online segment in India.

Amazon, which is covered in many countries, has the official website of the United States with very huge access. In term of Indian market, it is not rated as much as However, still plays the powerful role to beat the other e-commerce sites.

You are wondering whether the products will be found faster on or The result is where the market is available, the online shopping websites in this market will meet the needs completely. Therefore, is always the first choice because there are enough items that the Indian market is trading.

However, may also offer some products more suitable than Due it has a large number of quality products to satisfy your needs. In addition, the delivery service will cost higher because of oversea delivery.

Snapdeal. com

With more than 300,000 suppliers, 30 million updated products and over 6,000 searches for, it has become one of the most popular websites in India just after Amazon and Flipkart.

Unique, easy-to-see and attractive design leads to become a popular electronic shopping site for mobile phones, tablets, kitchens or home appliances, fashion, accessories or other types of services, sports equipments, real estate, etc.

In addition, has applications on the Appstore and Google Play to help you find products quickly and conveniently.

Ebay is a well-known e-commerce website with many interesting conveniences. It provides customers with various goods such as fashion, accessories, electronics, high-tech products, furniture, etc.

Ebay is an online shopping site with huge access. It’s a site to gather many products from all over the world. The typical difference of Ebay from the others is the combination between trading and auction. It means that the higher price is, the easier bought. It also allows users to exchange the used products. However, if you want to shop online on Ebay, it is necessary to have international cards such as Visa Card or Master Card, Amex – JCB – Discover card or use Paypal for payments.

Besides online shopping in India, the other online payments of services have also become very popular, typically the bill payments, phone recharge, movie ticket, television and internet charges, reservation in the restaurant and hotels, etc. This is an e-commerce site having a little difference from other online shopping sites due to the online payment of various services. rapidly gains the popularity in India based on easy payment function and over 40 millions of accesses per month. It is considered as the most popular e-commerce site today. is not only a website, which allows trading, exchanging new or used products, connecting buyers and sellers, but also provides free advertisement or refers to something in need. The website has widened in India with the main purpose of exchanging product’s information between sellers and buyers.

Beside the presented products, also provides a list of jobs, services, or even advertising to hire tutors.

One of the top online shopping sites in India following Amazon and Flipkart, is also one of the most popular e-commerce sites.

The design of the website is easy to see and lively. On this site, you can search for any favorite product with various payment options and fast delivery. Online products on include fashionable clothing, electronics, furniture, kitchenware and household appliances, ect.

Attractive design, easy view and use, is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in India. You can search for products in the men’s, women’s and children’s fashion categories, typically the most popular products such as shirts, vests, sweaters, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and other fashion accessories. Beside, e-commerce site has decorative items such as carpets, decorative lights and other fashion products.’s fashion shopping website is also considered as one of the largest online shopping sites in India.

Having millions of accesses per month,, which is similar to, is also one of the most popular websites in India related to fashion. Nowadays, due to the increasing demand for online shopping, e-commerce websites have grown rapidly and quickly, the access on has decreased significantly.

However, maintains stably as the fashion website for men, women and children. Improved design aims to attract and comfort more customers; aslo gives free shipping for all delivery and payment methods to help customers easily to do online shopping.