Top 9 best leg and foot massager in India 2021

In today’s busy life, we cannot spend the time needed for the body to relax or relieve stress and fatigue. In addition to other parts of the body that need care, with your feet they support our body weight every day, so it is easy to lead to pain and swelling after a long day. They need special care and a foot massage machine is a very suitable product for leg and foot massage to help reduce muscle tension, fatigue and improve perfect blood circulation for you.

We do not have much time to go to the spa to take care of our feet and the budget for this job is also unnecessary. So, with this compact massage machine you can own them as a gift to help you reduce foot pain and relaxing massage at home. It is very useful for athletes or sports players because it helps loosen stressed muscles after a workout, and it is also suitable for older people with bone and joint problems.

We appreciate the products that feature massage, speed, heating function, option of control level and size of the foot massage machines below to be able to choose products that suit your needs.

Top 9 best leg and foot massager in India 2021

No.ProductsDescriptionsCheck on
1.GHK H30 Leg and Foot Massager Machine
2.Indulge Leg, Foot and Knee Powermax Fitness Massager
3.Robotouch Standard Leg Massager Machine
4.HealthSense My-Sole Leg and Foot Massager Machine
5.Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager Machine
6.Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager Machine
7.Lifelong Foot, Calf and Leg Massager Machine
8.JSB HF05 Leg and Foot Massager Machine
9.Jsb Hf72 Leg And Foot Massager Machine

9. GHK H30 Leg and Foot Massager Machine

This is an effective leg and foot massage machine from GHK, it works perfect massage of calves, feet and ankles to help you reduce pain.

Used by inner rollers to help massage the leg muscles and feet effectively.

The design of washable outer fabric and periodic cleaning helps eliminate odors and dirt.

Easy-to-use program control panel allows simple operations.

In addition, it has an auto-off feature after 15 minutes of use to help you comfortably relax completely.

The device has 1 year warranty.

8. Indulge Leg, Foot and Knee Powermax Fitness Massager

Airbag pressure massage and roller massage make the foot massage comfortable with gentle and flexible intensity, which helps the acupuncture points in the legs be affected strongly and effectively.

Designed with a moving roller set that exerts a strong impact on the calf muscles, moistening the legs with a carbon fabric helps keep the temperature stable and with the Far Infra-red heat function warms and promotes storage blood circulation.

You can choose the desired massage program and intensity to achieve the most comfortable massage effect with 3 intensity levels, 5 massage programs create 17 different massage functions.

Airbags can automatically shrink when a sudden power failure is safe to use.

This massage machine improves muscle flexibility, reduces pressure on the legs, stimulates blood circulation, reduces post-workout pain and improves sleep quality.

The device has 1 year warranty.

7. Robotouch Standard Leg Massager Machine

Massage combines 3 rolling kneading programs and 3 leg massage modes.

Power of 220V – 240V, 90W and program stop working after 15 minutes of optional massage function.

Flexible 4 roller design helps to make the foot massage completely relaxed.

The outer shell can be removed and cleaned periodically to remove dirt and odors.

The device is warranted for 6 months at home.

6. HealthSense My-Sole Leg and Foot Massager Machine

Compressor technology helps you to experience the feeling of relaxing massage completely massage from knees to feet.

Powerful vibration massage mode to stimulate blood circulation, relieve fatigue.

Convenient control panel allows you to adjust the massage level accordingly.

Design of infrared heating mode helps the legs to be warm and relaxing absolutely.

Automatically shut down after 15 minutes of use helps you feel secure.

It is very cleverly designed to provide electronic simulation on pressure points to perfectly move the massage roller to your leg and feet.

The outer cover is removable when cleaning.

5. Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager Machine

Professional touch panel design with LED display.

The Agaro foot massage machine has the function of kneading, rolling, and rubbing the auto-knead directly on the fully-massage parts.

Besides, the vibration function and vibration speed are adjusted according to the appropriate usage.

You can use it to massage your arms, calves and feet in a comfortable and flexible way.

A perfect product in effective massage therapy is simulated from therapeutic massage techniques of physiotherapists.

Enjoy a daily massage by this foot massage machine at home is an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

4. Lifelong LLM81 Foot Massager Machine

Luxury and different designs.

Rubber pads help you feel comfortable, improve blood circulation.

Powerful operation engine for outstanding performance.

Design a remote or customized control panel and adjust the speed setting mode accordingly.

Automatically shut down after 15 minutes of massage.

Flexible roller mode eliminates any aches and pains and provides an absolute sense of relaxation.

3. Lifelong Foot, Calf and Leg Massager Machine

The massage machine is designed similarly to the JSB product line but differs in color and has additional heating features.

Powerful operation engine for outstanding performance.

Heating function, complete massage helps you feel comfort and reduce all aches and pains with 4 massage modes such as kneading, vibrating, rolling and heating.

The device has LED-controlled screen design for easy operation.

Massage the feet, calves at the same time with reduced pressure to circulate blood, improve the efficiency of leg and foot muscle problems thoroughly.

Automatically shut down after 15 minutes of massage.

2. JSB HF05 Leg and Foot Massager Machine

This is one of the most popular massage machines in India with durable design and powerful operation.

Great features with 2 different rubbing operations, vibration mode and massage roller to improve leg and foot blood circulation.

Can control massage speed according to needs to help you relax and relax.

Design of durable rubber pads and can be cleaned after a period of use.

The massage machine can fall with a 45 degree angle so users can use it when sitting or lying down.

Automatically shut down after 15 minutes of use helps you feel secure.

Enjoy a relaxing massage at home without having to go to the spa.

1. Jsb Hf72 Leg And Foot Massager Machine

This massage machine has 3 different vibration and massage modes to help users relax.

It may fall 45 degrees when used while sitting or falling automatically off after 15 minutes of use.

Leg and foot massage machine with rubber pad design helps massage both legs and calves at the same time highly effective.

Maximize the problems of leg pain, varicose veins, arthritis, knee pain and improve blood circulation.

Foot & leg massager machine is designed to provide maximum comfort while relieving pain and fatigue with the characteristic heat from the compressing massage bag and massage vibration to give you a feeling of massage. Perfect for acupuncture points on the feet, ankles, calves and thighs.

Things to keep in mind when buying a leg and foot massager machines:

Size and weight: Choose a comfortable foot massage machine and the weight of the device also makes it easier to move.

Cushioning surface: Padded surface curved the foot is best to help massage on the foot is stronger. Choose soft cushions to help you feel more comfortable during the massage.

Heat Function: This is a function that helps to heat and heat up the temperature to help the feet when being calmed down, relieve aches and improve blood circulation.

Control options: The device with control on the surface of the massage machine or the remote control can allow you to completely use the perfect massage function is the best choice.

Vibration: Vibration mode is also an essential option for the powerful massage function on the leg and muscle joints to help you experience a great relaxation.

Speed: You can adjust the speed according to your needs or there are massage machines installed with an automatic massage speed setting program.

Easy to clean: Easy to maintain and clean.

Durability and design: The top quality massage machine for durability and design helps you have an interesting and wonderful experience with the maximum functions of the foot massage machine.

Warranty: The longer warranty coverage of the product keeps the machine safe while in use.

Budget: The price of a foot massage machine depends on the features it provides to the user accordingly.


A foot massage machine is a top choice for massage and foot massage to relax at home. You will not take too much time to take care of yourself when going to the spa and you just need to choose a foot massage machine with full function of massage, heating and foot massage that we have chosen to review those best leg massage machine in India for you.