Top 7 best kenstar air cooler in India 2021

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You’ll feel more comfortable with a cool breeze in a hot day and the most effective solution for that summer is the Kenstar Air Cooler that will bring you a cool directly to the room. Kenstar is a steam-cooled product that uses very little power from the power for hours continuous use. There’s a lot of difference between the air-conditioners and the air cooler that Kenstar can keep the air fresh and comfortable. Compared to turning on air conditional you need to be in a room that closes all doors so that the heat is covered. With the Kenstar Air Cooler you will not need to do this and can open all the doors or can move anywhere in the room. The compact and portable wheel or smart holder makes it possible to place it wherever you want. At the same time, the cost of the Kenstar Air Cooler products is also very affordable and suitable for your needs. We have been researching, selecting and evaluating the most popular Kenstar air cooler in India, which can help you to find and select the right one.

7. Kenstar 22 litre Air cooler

If you are looking for a quality and efficient air cooler, the Kenstar 22 liter air cooler will be one that you should pretermit because it’s one of the air-coolers good for the room or the workplace. Compact design, powerful operation, easy mobility throughout the room, and optimized performance. You will need the Kenstar 22 liter air cooler to feel the comfort of it.


  • Water tank capacity (L) 22
  • Air delivery (m³ / hr) 1050
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH in mm): 313 x 339 x 956
  • Net Wt. (in kg) 9
  • Gross Wt. (in kg) 11.5
  • Air cooled by steam under the propulsion device
  • There is a water tank inside with the amount of water displayed on the device
  • Wheel moves in easy directions
  • Easy to disassemble equipment.

Cons: Limitations in terms of noise output from the device.

6. Kenstar Air Cooler Cyclone-12 50-Litre

The effectiveness of air cooler from Kenstar’s products has always been one of India’s top choices. It’s compact, air-cooled by steam engine emanating from the bottom of the water box displays the current water level. This is a reasonably priced with lots of features and very little power consumption, it is suitable for a room or a small corner in work place to help you feel the comfort that cooler of the air to be brings.


  • Water tank capacity (L) 50
  • Air delivery (m³ / hr) 2007
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH in mm): 645 x 53 x 915
  • Weighs around 18kg
  • Compact and stylish design
  • The inner tank contains about 40 cubic feet of water and underneath it helps to cool the air vigorously
  • Windshield can help insects do not fly inside
  • Match the small rooms
  • Water mode can be operated from 8 to 10 hours continuously
  • There timer function.

Cons: Slightly noisy, no sub wheels moving.

5. Kenstar Air Cooler Auster XW 50-Litre

A small room will need an air cooler with this compact design, the Kenstar Auster 50 Liter air cooler with extraordinarily powerful cooling and low power consumption. The design is compact but it is considered as a supercharged machine with dust filter and air diffusion to see the water contained inside. The allowable water level is 50 liters so the steam is pushed up so that the surrounding space is well ventilated.


  • Water tank capacity (L) 50
  • Air delivery (m³ / hr) 1750
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH in mm): 650 x 530 x 550
  • Cooling area: 20 square meter
  • Air deflection: 4 way
  • Match the small rooms.

Cons: No sub wheels moving.

4. Kenstar Air Cooler Double Cool Dx 50-Litre with Trolley

The air cooler is very popular in hot summer areas, so it is considered as an indispensable device in every family. The compact design and low power consumption make it possible to save a lot of money, but also the air cool from the Kenstar Air Cooler Double Cool. It has a water tank that is suitable for a considerable amount of time. Overall, it is a very efficient and affordable.


  • Water tank capacity (L) 50
  • Air delivery (m³ / hr) 1750
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH in mm): 650 x 530 x 550
  • Cooling area: 20 square meter
  • Easy to disassemble equipment
  • With trolley accessories make it easy to move
  • A water tank helps to cool the air

Cons: Only used in small room.

3. Kenstar Air Cooler Slim Line 30-Litre

In order to beat the heat of summer in India, the Kenstar air cooler Slim line can help you experience the ultimate in cooling technology with the cooling capacity of 55m2. A 30 liter water tank will allow the air cooler to have strong winds and air condition in the room. This is a great product for hot days.


  • Water tank capacity (L) 30
  • Air delivery (m³ / hr) 2300
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH in mm): 560 x 330 x 1050
  • Cooling area: 20 square meter
  • Air deflection: 4 way

Cons: No sub wheels.

2. Kenstar Air Cooler Double Cool Dx 50-Litre without Trolley 

Kenstar is known as an air-cooled and branded air purifier and is rated as the best in India. The compact design, air deflection 4 way can cool the area about 20m2, so it will fit into smaller rooms that will make you feel more comfortable. Powerful operation brings cool air from 50 liters of water in the pan. This will be one of the most cost-effective air cooling products that Kenstar has launched.


  • Water Tank Capacity (L) 50
  • Air Delivery (m³ / hr) 1750
  • Product Dimensions (LxBxH in mm): 650 x 530 x 550
  • Cooling Area: 20 square meter
  • Air Deflection: 4 way
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for medium and small room

Cons: Air cooling is limited

1. Kenstar Air Cooler Little Dx 12-Litre

For the most sought after air cooler, the Kenstar Air Cooler Little is one of the most sought after products in India. Each needs to have the right amount of water in the bottle to help the wind spread out to be strong and cool the room or work. Most air-cooled units come with remote controls, mosquito nets, or tripods that make it easy to move around. So, this is an air cooler that suits your essential needs.


  • Water tank capacity (L) 12
  • Air delivery (m³ / hr) 900
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH in mm): 460 x 340 x 660
  • Cooling area: 20 square meter
  • Air deflection: 4 way
  • The secondary wheel design makes it easy to move
  • The screen helps to remove dust and dirt from the air
  • Water tank is easy to disassemble

Cons: It’s a little noisy.


After selecting and referring of the Kenstar air cooler reviews that a brand the best choice. In addition, we have share tips to help you choose the best product:

Water tank limit: Most air coolers reduce the temperature of the air through the propeller, so the fins will need a large water tank that can be limited to 12 liters – 50. liter in each product. Small or large room will have the right amount of water to help the wind is spreading stronger and bring more comfortable for you.

Air flow: The amount of air flowing out of the cooling air will depend on the design of the propeller, the wind of strong or weak that will be impacted directly by the fan blowing the steam from below.

Cooling Pads: This is a cooling pad that helps cool air out, while preventing water from overflowing. The Aspen cooler is made of wood chips and is synthetic, so it will have low cost and short life to replace.

Design: One of the reasons Kenstar is popular that it’s compact design, simplicity and space suitability. Each design will match the optimal features that Kenstar brings comfort to you.