Top 5 best drill machine to buy in India

Decorate your home without having to rely on carpenters for any installation work. A job only needs help from the best review drilling machines in India. Drill machine is a useful tool for you to repair or install wall, wood, furniture or any other work on the surface. The brands of reliable drilling machines have been analyzed and evaluated by the top 5 best drilling machines in India today such as Bosch, Black & Decker, etc. You will not be disappointed with the product. This is extremely convenient and useful when rated as the best product.

Best Drilling Machine Kits to Buy Online

No.ProductsDescriptionsCheck on
1.6513 JD 13mm Drill Kit Machines
2.Black & Decker 550-Watt Reversible Hammer Drill Machine
3.Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt Kit Drill Machine
4.Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit Drill Machines
5.Black & Decker 554RE 550-Watt 13mm Variable Speed Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

  1. 6513 JD 13mm Drill Kit Machines:


  • Reversing and rotating functions at 3000 rpm;
  • Compact and smart design;
  • Rugged and reliable design makes it easy to use;
  • Main shaft lock system; Strong drilling effect;
  • Ergonomic handle design.

The power 550W of drill machine with a maximum rotation of 3000 rpm creates the power to impact on the surfaces smoothly and neatly, allowing you to drill on steel surfaces up to 13mm and the wood surface is 30mm. With a rugged handle design makes impact on the surfaces stable and comfortable to install screws. This is a drill suitable for professional workers or used in every family.


2. Black & Decker 550-Watt Reversible Hammer Drill Machine:

  • Powerful 500W;
  • Keyed chuck design has 10mm safe and easy to use;
  • Custom speed switch drilling mode suitable for each function used;
  • Strong and sturdy design;
  • Insert the bits very carefully into the chuck;
  • Ideal for drilling into a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and masonry.

This drill has a hand-shaped like a pistol with a handmade design with shockproof plastic material and creates a balance with the handle to give you comfort when drilling. This device is suitable for drilling on many devices such as wood, metal, plastic and masonry for hanging frames or repairs. Each drill head is made of steel so the intensity of operation when exposed is very strong and easy to implement. In addition, the length of the wire is about 2m, making it convenient for you to move and is designed with a fixed drill button on the handle, so you don’t have much trouble having to drill continuously for several hours.


3. Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt Kit Drill Machine:

  • Easily remove nails or screws from unwanted locations with the function of reversing drillers;
  • Design body with shockproof plastic material;
  • Drilling capacity on concrete, metal or wood surfaces;
  • Powerful 450W with compact handle makes the work done firmly and fixed.

This is a type of Bosch GSB 450W drill machine, a professional and impressive tool in the segment of power tools. This drill machine set includes a variety of drill bits of different sizes: 4 metal drill bits, 4 wood drill bits, 10 screwdriver bits, 1 bit holder, 30 screws and 30 nylon plugs. Besides, it has a strong capacity to impact on many different surfaces and it can be easily reversed to remove the screws or remove the nail from the unwanted position. This is a perfect product for every family and can be repaired immediately when.


4. Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit Drill Machines:

  • To reverse drills;
  • Lightweight and handy design;
  • Maximum speed control mode;
  • Powerful operating capacity of 500W;
  • The design of the handle is gentle and comfortable to use.

A convenient and easy-to-use electrical device wherever the head needs to be drilled onto different surfaces. This is also a drilling tool that can rotate 2-way smoothly when needing to install or disassemble, it has a strong operating capacity of up to 500W with only 1.5kg weight, making it easy to use drilling use and balance while working. This drill is also considered to be one of the best electrical equipment that can meet all the requirements of many families in self-repair.


5. Black & Decker 554RE 550-Watt 13mm Variable Speed Reversible Hammer Drill Machine:

  • Handle design with shock resistant plastic;
  • Safe speed lock button is easy to use continuously;
  • Flexible drill reversing mode;
  • There is a sub-handle design to reduce force when drilling into hard surfaces.

Black & Decker drills machine with 550W capacity have many turning features convenient to install or disassemble the device when needed by adjusting the rotation speed accordingly. This is a drill with light and portable racks combined with a perfect set of drill bits that can strongly impact on many different surfaces such as steel, concrete and wood. The product is wrapped on the outside with a rubber material that is anti-shock soft and comfortable to use.


What kind of drill do you need?

  1. Cordless Drill: Wired electric drill is often more efficient than cordless drill, its function is more powerful so installation is also easy and convenient.
  2. Power Drill: A wireless drill that gives you the flexibility to move while using it anywhere without being hampered by power cables.

Some important features when buying the best drill:

Power: Power from 450W – 750W is the usual capacity when using.

Speed: The speed required for the drill to install or disassemble the screws and screws on the surfaces. This feature is very important in shaping the location of objects to be installed.

With cord/cordless: Depending on the use of the drill, select a cordless or wireless drill to support the operating features.

Chuck Selection: The chuck is a holder of the drill bits that are held tightly to the drill, there are many different sizes to easily change the drill bits suitable for each item to be installed.

Clutch: Clutch allows the user of the drill to know exactly where to place screws or nails and so your installation will be easier.

Torque clutch: It is with the support of the clutch that you can set a maximum torque point beyond which the machine will stop running. Therefore, it helps to ensure the screws do not get overdriven into any surface.

Reverse: Reverse function makes it easy to install and disassemble nails or screws. A keyless chuck will always have this feature since it is the only way through which you can take out the bit.

Battery: if you are using a cordless drill, Lithium Ion batteries are the best option compared to other batteries because they are more strong and durable.


To be able to buy the best drill, you can consult our reviews through quality products like Bosch, Dewalt or Black & Decker which are the best selling on Quality and reasonable price are always the top evaluation that you should choose.