Top 5 best smartwatch under 10000 in India 2019

Nowadays, modern technology has helped us to connect with you wherever. So you are looking for a smart watch under 10,000 RS, we have the top 5 best selling smart watch in India  with popular features such as play music, bluetooth connection, fitness tracker, heart rate or can connect to smartphones with iOS and Android operating system, etc … so you can own a smart watch clever convenience that you are looking forward.

Your budget allows you to search for a smart watch under 10,000 RS. The following ratings will help you get the most out of it.

Top 5 best smartwatch under 10000 in India

5. Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch Under 10000

Owning a smart watch with a gorgeous look and a perfect combination between technology and stylish, the Amazfit Pace smart watch is a great one. It has a very durable bezel frame, waterproof as well as vivid screen design helping to see the time easily.This watch lets you follow your heart rate during workouts and easily track your burned calories due to the optical-sensing sensor and the 9-axis IMU sensor to improve your health condition.

The bluetooth funtion helps to connect to the device or media player when you go out via 2G connection to enjoy music or use as a phone. The usage speed of the perfect Amazfit Pace smartphone help you to get email notifications, instant messengers, incoming call reminders, weather forecasts or other smart phones applications, etc…Owning this Amazfit Pace leads you to a great experience.


  • Unique design.
  • Excellent health monitoring device.
  • High waterproof.
  • Connect to a smartphone running iOS 8+ and Android with version 4.3 or later using bluetooth
  • Maximum battery life is 11 days for normal and 5 days for continuous use
  • Dust-proof and waterproof


  • The watch lock button is not convenient
  • It’s a little heavy

4. Amazfit Huami Pace Bip Touch Screen Smartwatch Under 10000

This is the best choice for those who are looking to own a smart watch under 10,000 RS and also the best-selling product on Amazon. Reflective touch screen design, GPS navigation, heart rate monitor for sports activities, and sleep mode help you stay in control of your health. It also allows you to receive emails, text messages,  incoming calls through the application installed on the clock screen to record the exact data wherever you are. Sleek strap design keeps you in comfortable and convinience during sleeping, working or playing.

Huami Pace Bip smartwatch has integrated power consumption chip that supports power consumption at low level. It can also track your running, cycling or other sports activities to control your health effectively. So, you will want to own this wonderful watch right now.


  • Changeable watch faces
  • Feature reminders by vibrating on the wrist
  • Receive calendar, message, email, facebook notifications thanks to the installed applications
  • Connect bluetooth, GPS, distance meter, speedometer and burn calories burned
  • Battery life can last for 30 days on a regular basis and may last up to 45 day
  • Dust-proof and IP68 waterproof


  • Can’t wear for swimming
  • No warranty or software updates available

3. Pebble Classic 301BL Smartwatch Under 10000

It is a smartwatch under 10,000 RS with many smart features that can be compatible with smartphones running iOS 8 and Android version 4.0 above. It is also one of the best-selling products on Amazon.

With Pebble Classic smartwatch, you can receive instant messages, emails and phone calls. It has an integrated microphone design to associate with the phone to receive incoming calls through the bluetooth function. You can review your missed call, unread messages, or reminders with vibration alerts. It can also be used as a fitness tracker with Pebble Health application. You will be reported daily in details related to your activities, thus you can make comparision of results day by day results to improve your health.

The bezel frame is 9.5mm and the curved surface can hold wrist, the screen is made by 2.5D glass and it is recharged by a USB cable. It has buttons on the side to help you use it quickly despite of the available touch screen. This watch has battery life upto 7 days, water resistant upto 30 meters deep and 209 grams of weight.


  • Clean design and style
  • It has connectivity to the latest smartphone operating systems
  • Multifunction
  • Battery life can be extended


  • It is heavy for a smartwatch
  • No warranty or software updates available 

2. TCL Movetime Smartwatch Under 10000

This is a smart wrist watch / fitness tracker by TCL. Despite its design likes a normal wristwatch, it is a smart and fashion watch. Hence, it is a perfect smart watch for your choice under 10,000 RS. It is not only suitable for sport activities but also uses as jewelry.

You also use this watch to keep track of your health when going out or doing sports activities. Specially, heart rate monitors help you to control and record your daily activities and monitor calorie burned inside the body.

This watch workes well with a smartphone to receive incoming call or text messages. You can even sync your calendar and social network accounts without checking directly your phone or bringing phone. Typically, you can play music with this smart watch.


  • Weight of 49 grams
  • Elegant fashion design
  • Clock has a 1.39 inch AMOLED screen
  • Gesture control allows you to play music
  • 1 year warranty


  • No GPS connection 

1. Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch Band Digital Under 10000

This smartwatch has a 2-inch display size that’s sunlight readable. It can help you keep track of your exercise in the sun when exercising or jogging. At the same time, it can record your heart rate 24/7, providing useful information for exercising your sport with calorie burning or high intensity workout.

Fitness Tracker helps you keep track of calories and calories burned so you can control your health more often. The Fastrack Reflex smartphone can help you connect and synchronize with your smartphone, so you can answer or reject calls, view messages, etc. This is a great product. For those who enjoy the comfort, can integrate many features into this compact smart watch. If you need to find a smart, compact and smart smartphone that price just under 10,000 RS, this is the best product you are looking for.


  • It is lightweight (only 32 grams)
  • Smartwatch functions as an all-in-one fitness device
  • It can be connected to the app MyFitnessPal
  • Lots of functions


  • It doesn’t show the exact calories burnt


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